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Tutorial: radiorecorder

I like to listen to some radio stations but there are some shows that have bad airtimes.

So my Raspberry Pi (with an attached 500GB usb drive) is my personal radio recorder.

1. How do you get the stream urls of your favorit radio station?

Visit listenlive.eu to get a quite complete list of all radio stations per country.

This site is providing all links for the different bitrates too.

2. Install streamripper

sudo apt-get install streamripper

3. Run streamripper

streamripper http://lyd.nrk.no/nrk_radio_p1_finnmark_aac_h.m3u -d /home/wlanboy/radio/ -l 7200

The pattern is:

streamripper [url of stream] -d [folder to save musik files] -l [time in seconds to record music]

Last optional step is to setup a cronjob to call streamripper.

Each radio station will get a own sub folder.